2015 Winners

Garett Jerue

Garrett Jerue

Property & Casualty

Garrett Jerue is the co-founder of Hope Lives Foundation, an organization that helps mentor children and young adult cancer patients in Western Wisconsin. The foundation focuses its efforts on two priorities: preventing cancer through healthy living, and providing support for survivors and their families through mentoring and fundraising efforts.

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Mark Friese

Mark Friese


Friese is a volunteer at Public Advocacy, Dignity and Shelter (PADS), an organization focused on helping the homeless based in Libertyville, Illinois. The shelter provides for homeless men, women and children who have no home or daily meals. Basic living necessities such as clothing, toothbrushes and reading material are also provided within an environment that promotes dignity for all individuals.

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Karen Hernandez

Karen Hernandez

UFG Employee

Karen Hernandez is the volunteer director of ReDirect Nuevo Camino, an organization dedicated to at risk youth in Lincoln, California. The organization promotes integrity and accountability by encouraging young people to hold themselves and their peers to the highest standards. Through mentoring and support, the organization promotes the benefits of pursuing a college education.

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